Software & Websites

Computer plays a big role in our today's life, either its related to our work or social life. Computer works with the combination of Hardware and Software. In short, Hardware is Physical and Software is Logical. Computer Software is a logic application which help us to communicate with the Computer and also to work on Computer. We can also say that these are computer programs. There are 3 types of Computer Software:- 1. System Software, 2. Application Software, 3. Utility Software

Website is a set of related web pages which is served by a Web Domain(Site Name). It has to be hosted on a Web Server and accessible by Internet.

Two types of Websites are:-

  1. Static Website (which have the information of company/individual)
  2. Dynamic Website (which have the information as well as online application for working, also known as web application)

Our Services

  1. Web-designing and Software DevelopmentAt Tech-Media Hub, We provide services of 'web designing of both static and dynamic websites' and 'Application Software Development'.
  2. Licensed Software and AntivirusWe suggest for and provide Licensed software and Antivirus to our customers.
  3. Domain Name, Website Hosting and Business Email IntegrationWe provide services of Domain booking, Website hosting and Business Email Integration with servers like Google, Microsoft etc.
  4. Data Recovery, Backup and Restore Data loss/failure is one of the biggest problem in Computers, we provide service of recovering the data. Also provide Backup System and Restore services
  5. Software Troubleshooting and Data Migration Most frequent problem in today's life is many times software giving errors and data giving problem or does not open. We provide these types of services also