Hardware & Networking

Computer plays a big role in our today's life, either its related to our work or social life. Computer works with the combination of Hardware and Software. In short, Hardware is Physical and Software is Logical. Computer Hardware is the collection of physical elements that constitutes a Computer System. Now when we talk about Computer Hardware, it's a very big thing because it's a base of Computer and we have to be very specific for our work or 'What we want to do on our Computer?'.

Networking is a terminology used for creation of Computer Network. A network is a group of computers connected to each other for data exchange. We also say that it's a telecommunication of Computers. Now same Question raise here that 'How we want our computers to Communicate?'.

At Tech-Media Hub, we provide services to our customers with their requirements. We think that our goal is to fulfill our customer's requirements.

Our Services

  1. PC Assembling, Branded PC ,Laptop & Server At here, we provide services of PC Assembling which is the best technique for Desktop Computers. By this we customize the PC according to User's requirement.
    We also suggest for and provide Branded PC and Laptop as per User's requirement.
    For High End Users, we provide Workstations and Servers as per their requirements.
  2. Hardware Repair and Maintenance A very important point for us that our customer use their computer trouble free, So we provide the service of Maintenance of computer as well as Repair of Computer Hardware. We provide Card level as well as Chip level repair service to our customers.
  3. Network Setup & Services Today, Networking is a very big point in Computer usage. We create or modify Networks for our customers as they want Communication between computer for their Work or Home Area.
  4. PC and Laptop accessories We supply PC and Laptop Accessories as per User's requirement.
  5. Power Backup(UPS and Inverter) To run Computer properly , its recommended to use UPS or Inverter for Power Backup. We provide power backup services according to the runtime of Computer , so that Computer system doesn't get interrupted.
  6. Camera, Security setup and Monitoring (CCTV and Recorder) Security is the major issue in today's life, either at Workplace or at Home. We provide Security Systems, CCTV, DVR, Night Vision Camera, IP Camera etc. Our service is to setup all this and of later maintenance.