Graphics & Multimedia

Graphics are visual images and designs but when we relate it with Computer we called it Computer Graphics. The designs or images which are created by Computer are called Computer Graphics.

Multimedia is a term refers to combined use of mediums like Text, Graphics, Video, Animation and Sound. Multimedia is usually recorded and played, displayed, or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices, but can also be part of a live performance.

Graphics and Multimedia both have limitations for Computer Hardware and Software. They have demand of particular Software and Hardware.

Our Services

  1. Branding and Printing ServicesWe provide service of Logo Designing for Branding and Printing Services like Business card etc.
  2. Banner and Advertisement DesigningWe provide service for designing of Banners and Advertisement for online promotion of Business.
  3. 3D, Animation and Graphic DesigningWe provide services of 3D designing , Animation and Graphic designing related to User's requirement.
  4. Video Introduction and Presentation We provide service of Video introduction and Photo Shoot presentation for Business promotion
  5. Video EditingWe also provide service of Video editing according to customer's requirement